Over the last forty years the female orgasm has been under intense debate and focus. Today, women want supplements to improve female orgasm. However, manufacturing these supplements was not an easy process. It was much easier to find the solution for male sexual dysfunction than for women and the reason? Well, scientists agree that a woman’s sexual desire is much more complex than a man’s. Sexologists now know that for a woman, the most important sexual organ is the brain. However, she also has to have the right circumstances and arousal in the vaginal area too.

Supplements to Improve Female Orgasm Have to Stimulate the Brain and the Sexual Organs

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Problems arose when trying to create supplements to improve female orgasm that would stimulate the brains arousal and create the right hormonal conditions in the vaginal area at the same time. Thankfully, a lot of research went into the problem, and manufacturers found all natural supplements to improve female orgasm that really worked.

Supplements to Improve Female Orgasm are All Natural and Address Women´s Needs

Today, we have all natural products like Lyriana which address a woman’s sexual arousal needs. How does Lyriana work? It is really a simple process. Researchers at Lyriana know that Dopamine produced in the mind is an important neurotransmitter that controls many different activities in the body, among which is the sex drive.

As a woman ages Dopamine levels reduce, so one of the answers to increasing a woman’s sexual Desire was to increase Dopamine levels. They did this by adding L-Dopa to the supplements to improve female orgasm, and this substance increases the actual Dopamine in the brain, thereby increasing a woman’s ability to concentrate on sex.

Although Dopamine was a crucial element in improving a woman’s sex drive, it was not the only factor influencing a woman’s inability to have an orgasm. Experts at Lyriana were faced with the challenge of increasing lubrication and sensitivity in the vaginal area and needed ingredients in any supplements to improve orgasm they produced.

Supplements to Improve Female Orgasm Increase Sensitivity

Again turning to research results, they came to the realization that sensitivity to the vagina tended to diminish with age or hormonal imbalances, and this is caused by imbalances and reductions in hormones like estrogen and testosterone. So, Lyriana supplements to improve orgasm work by re-balancing the hormone levels.

In essence, Lyriana works by increasing a woman’s sensitivity in the vaginal area, and increasing the brain’s ability to produce the right neurotransmitters which create desire and sensitivity to sexuality.

Lyriana increases the blood flow in the vaginal and clitoral area, so that the clitoris is more sensitive to touch and feeling. It also re-balances hormones, so women who previously had the ability to enjoy sex can do so again. This is not to say that Lyriana supplements to improve female orgasm do not work on women who have always had a lack of sexual appetite. It does!

These all natural supplements work for women who are aging, and for women who have always had a lack of sexual appetite.


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