Ideally? Yes. Knowing what to do with his cum is an important part of learning how to give good blow jobs.

Ok, Mark here. I asked Cheryl if I could write some on this post!

I don’t know of a guy that doesn’t want his load swallowed. It really makes oral sex that much hotter. There is a feeling of closeness and acceptance when Cheryl swallows my cum. Even when I was not in a committed relationship like I am now, it’s just a hot feeling. I’d venture to say most don’t swallow so if you swallow after giving a blowjob, you will definitely offer something uncommon but hot for your guy. When I wasn’t in love and a girl swallowed, I thought she was sexier because she was naughtier.

Now that I’m in love with a wonderful woman, I find that when Cheryl swallows, the enjoyment is on a higher level than that. Swallowing translates to a deeper, more soulful experience. Either way, if you’re in a relationship or not, swallowing will be an asset to your guy.

Now, with all that said, whether YOU should swallow depends on how well you know your guy. There are some health risks associated with it. So, know your partner. But that’s common sense. I’m going to hand it back over to Cheryl now so she can talk about what to do if you don’t like to swallow. Because she didn’t used to be able to get into it. Glad that changed. Ha.

Ok, Cheryl again. While swallowing is important when learning how to give good blow jobs, I realize not everyone enjoys it. So, I’d like to give you advice if you don’t like to swallow. Here are some things to think about.

It’s a small amount of liquid usually a couple of teaspoons at most.

The taste is mild but can depend on what he’s had to eat. If he’s been eating sweets in the past day or so, the cum will be sweeter.

If you find it hard to swallow, try holding your breath and swallowing quickly.

Deep throat when he cums if you don’t want to taste it. This way it will shoot down the throat and won’t touch the taste buds. If you absolutely are against swallowing, you can try to secretly spit the cum into a tissue. When sucking cock, you can also pull it out at the last moment and have him cum on your face or body (face is preferred over body). You can drive him wild by spreading his cum onto your body.

Hopefully these tips have made giving head more pleasurable for you.


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