I am currently involved with a guy who has a very large penis. It is between 8-10 inches long and 2. 5 inches wide. I am wondering if having sex with him specifically rough sex can move or effect my IUD and cause problems with my bladder. After we have sex I experience stomach pains usually until a couple days later. I don’t want to stop having sex with him but I think I might have to if sex with him is causing this problem.


Yes, rough sex with someone with a very large penis can affect you internally.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure you are very aroused before you have intercourse, especially for deep penetration with strong thrusting. When a woman is very excited her vagina expands — it’s quite elastic.
  • Try positions that don’t give such deep penetration.
  • When he’s on top, keep your hips flat on the bed,   and your legs closer together.
  • Lying on your sides facing each other, or from behind, can also cut down on depth of penetration. If your legs are tight together he won’t be able to go as deep inside you, but the pressure of your legs as his penis slides between them will give him lots of sensation along his length.
  • Use woman on top positions — that way you can control the speed, angle and depth of thrusts.
  • Experiment with different types of thrusting — it’s not all about rapid, deep in and out. Try going slowly, try”screwing”(either of both of you circling your hips, try the shallow/deep thrusting technique explained below. Ask him to make the deep thrust a very slow one so that he doesn’t hurt you.

Shallow/Deep Thrusts

The essence of this thrusting technique is to go nine shallow and one deep. The one deep thrust, besides varying sensory stimulation, forces the air out of the vagina. This creates a vacuum inside the vagina with the nine shallow thrusts which follow.

The man never withdraws his penis completely: this would break the vacuum seal. Rather, he hovers at the outermost inches of the vagina which are covered with a dense set of nerves. The nine shallow, one deep rhythm is delightful for a woman. The vacuum has tremendous effect: she feels empty then full, empty then full. Shallow thrusts stimulate the plexus of nerves by the G spot. This point connects a vast network of nerves in the sexual organs with the rest of her body.
It works well for men, because thrusting shallowly does not cause the same intensity as deep thrusting and consequently the man is able to resist ejaculation.

Al Link and Pala Copeland

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